A New Season

A New Season 

2017 brought an engagement, a marriage, a fully funded Kickstarter campaign, followed by a full length album....

2018 has brought a BABY (Isaac Valdir Amadeus Martins was born on June 28, at 11:18 a.m.) and a move upstate, so far...

I'll be honest...getting pregnant really stole the thunder from my album release. I had dreams of touring all over the country during 2018, and I can assure you that no touring has occurred, AT ALL.  This is tough for me, because I have goals and dreams...but I've felt stuck.  I never thought I'd only live in NYC for a couple of years, but that's what happened.  The stars aligned in such a way that my husband, baby and me had to hightail it upstate, and will be located in Nelson, NY (sans even ONE stoplight) until further notice.  I've been out of the city for several weeks now, and I've noticed some things...I have more energy.  I'm a very sensitive person, and I found that during my time living in NYC I felt zapped of energy a LOT of the time.  I would go to one gig or one job and be completely depleted of my energy for the day, often not finding the energy to create or write when I got home.  As someone who loves to try hard and create content, this was difficult for me.  I LOVE writing, but felt unable to muster up the energy/will to do so a lot of the time.  Since moving upstate, I've written a LOT. I breathe easier, deeper.  I am not scared to go outside and I don't dread leaving the apartment.  I believe that the energy that used to go (unwittingly) to my surroundings is less dipped into in my new, calmer, slower paced surroundings, and I feel better.  I didn't think I would feel better, but I DO.  I'm writing, and have written a new EP, and have a goal to record it at the Lodge (Indianapolis) in the spring, with my own money I make from teaching  music lessons and english online from home. I'm also working on a children's book (a few, actually) and will be embarking on a journey to complete 30 tasks/goals in my "thirtieth" year, starting on October 8, 2018.  (This will actually be my 31st year on earth, but since I'm turning 30, I'm calling it my "30th" year, and have created a list of 30 goals I'd like to achieve throughout the course of the year...)


I'll write about what my 30 goals are in another post, but just know that one of them is "eat 30 different kinds of cheese" so you KNOW this is going to be a good year.  


Much love and be well,